The petition to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed by Argosy University is intended to appeal to the government for a waiver on the debt owed by the graduates and former students. The purpose of the petition is to request for the reduction of the student loans owed by the former and current students of Argosy University, a for-profit online school.

Argosy University

Argosy University offers an Online Bachelor Degree program, a Master’s Degree program, a PhD in Accounting program, and also a Doctorate degree in Accounting from their main campus in North Carolina. The Argosy university has branches in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

Argosy University uses the Federal Family Education Loan Program to provide their financial aid to the students. This is what they called Federal Direct Loan Program, Federal Family Education Loan Program, Federal Perkins Loan Program, and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program.

All these types of federal direct loan programs are available to undergraduate students as well as graduate students, but this is the only type of program that can be availed by students who are enrolled in the Argosy University. Students who obtain federal grants from either Federal Pell Grant or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant cannot also take up the Argosy program, but they can take up the other programs provided by Argosy.

The Argosy university also provides its students loans from banks. These loans have interest rates that are competitive only because the amount of money borrowed by the students is a lot smaller compared to the amounts of money from other types of federal student loans.

According to Argosy university, the loan amounts and interest rates are the same as the rates of the federal loans issued by the bank. The difference between the two is the fact that there is no need for a credit check for these loans, and therefore, a bigger chance for the students to avoid the burden of late payment penalties.

The Argosy university also offers an online program where its students can complete their degree online without attending Argosy classes. Students can earn their degree in any subject and earn the diploma at the convenience of their homes.

In conclusion, it is important to note that an Argosy university is not an institution that offers better education than the private universities. It is only an institution that is not bound by the constraints of traditional academic qualifications for admission into a degree program and therefore, it can provide all the necessary tools to earn a degree and to pursue the career you want to pursue.

Argosy University is recognized by some employers as one of the best colleges for online college degree programs. The university is recognized for its accreditation, and it has an outstanding reputation for the quality of education offered by its students. Students who attend Argosy University have reported having a higher completion rate compared to students who attend other online schools.

According to Argosy University, the quality of education it provides is made possible by the combination of its online coursework and interaction with professors through e-mail and chat. Students also have the option to participate in a virtual class setting in case of a problem.

According to Argosy University, its online degree program makes it possible for students to finish their education in less time compared to students who attend traditional colleges. It also offers flexibility in the amount of time it takes for students to complete their studies, with classes that can be completed within a year. Online courses can also be taken in any time frame as the pace of your work schedules allows you to attend the classes in the most convenient time.

The campus of Argosy University has an excellent location in the center of Austin, Texas. Austin is a popular place to live, work, study and raise a family, and it has easy access to the UT Austin, University of Texas, Austin and The University of Houston.

The best part of the Argosy University is the fact that it is located in a desirable area of the city, just a short distance away from the city’s major universities and a short drive from downtown Austin. You can easily commute to the various universities located in the areas, and it is also close to the job markets and shopping malls.